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Bison Union - Necklace Metals Collection

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These custom Bison Union necklaces are ethically made with durable, thick metal all designed & handcrafted by an artisan in Wyoming (also another small 100% woman owned business).  Just like the Buffalo that are individually cut out, each symbol is individually hand-stamped to make the perfect, minimalist piece of jewelry to add a bit of fun to your wrist using only responsibly sourced materials to create each unique piece. 


These necklacess are a simple reminder of what you hold dear. It reflects a feeling of freedom whether it's "Be The Bison", "Thunder Buffalo", "The Alpenglow", or our "Crossed Arrows" buffalo that represents our special forces insignia. Each necklace hangs from a 17" sterling silver chain. 

  • The Thunder Buffalo was created by our founder with many meanings, the latest being 'the right where you have to work harder' pretty much the meaning of woman in our world :-). Bert, one of our founder's father, Terry Kuntz, (TK) passed away in 2018 and anytime Bert complained as both a child or an adult TK would tell him: "Son, this is America, where you always have the right to work harder." That statement had a huge impact on Bert's life and is one of the main reasons he decided to join the Army and ultimately Special Forces. That motto has stuck with him to this day and can be heard several times a day around BU headquarters. harder! 
  • The Crossed Arrows Buffalo - The crossed arrows comes from the Special Forces Insignia.  Typically found emblazoned on the distinctive black and silver crest worn by Special Forces soldiers is the Special Forces motto: De Oppressor Liber, a Latin phrase that means To Free the Oppressed. The two crossed arrows symbolize the Special Forces' role in unconventional warfare. The Buffalo is no secret in the meaning behind 'be the bison' - they look and are peaceful creatures until they are taunted or messed with... no different than a momma bear... and we all know if momma ain't happy - look out!  
  • The Alpenglow is an optical phenomenon that appears as a horizontal reddish glow near the horizon opposite to the Sun when the solar disk is just below the horizon. This effect is easily visible when mountains are illuminated, but can also be seen when clouds are lit through backscatter. The necklace is known to take you from the chaos in your everyday life to a gorgeous peaceful scene in the mountains watching the sunrise or sunset no matter what time of day!  
JEWELRY INFO: It is recommended not to wear jewelry in water or while; exercising, swimming, showering, doing the dishes, putting on lotions, oils, or perfumes.
  • Gold – our gold metal pieces are made of NuGold, a form of brass that is very similar to 14k gold in color. Many people believe that by wearing NuGold, your skin will absorb minerals from the brass and provide positive health benefits such as; reduced headaches, arthritis, joint pain, and zinc deficiency. Over time, your NuGold jewelry will take on a warm, gold-tone color making your piece look even more unique than before, but it can also be polished back to its original shine. Humidity and individual body chemistry can contribute to the speed and severity of tarnishing. It is recommended to store your jewelry in an airtight bag.
  • Aluminum- our aluminum metal pieces are eco-friendly and a great alternative to sterling silver! We use food-grade aluminum that is lead and nickel-free & non-reactive (hypoallergenic). Aluminum will never rust or tarnish. To clean, use a mild soap and water and dry with a soft cloth.


    Jewelry Care:

    These are pure metals and will naturally tarnish with time; jewelry tarnish is the result of a natural chemical reaction between the jewelry and the surrounding environment where the jewelry becomes darkened or discolored. Humidity and individual body chemistry can contribute to the speed and severity of tarnishing. You can store your jewelry in a sealed baggie to keep it from tarnishing as quickly.