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12 Cup Percolator

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Enjoy the old-fashioned charm, functionality and durability of enamelware during your next outdoor meal with the Bison Union Enamelware Twelve-Cup Percolator. Hearkening back to pioneer treks across the plains, this durable percolator is hard to damage and easy to clean - very similar to Bert. A true classic for any outdoor occasion, it's made of heavy-gauge steel with a kiln-hardened, speckled enamel finish, allowing it to stand up to scratches and chipping. Eye-catching, stainless steel rim accent.


  • Maximum quantity of coffee brewed is approximately equal to 40 fl ounces of coffee
  • Thick-gauge steel is double-coated with high-gloss enamel for a lasting, easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe finish
  • BPA-free copolyester insert in the lid allows the brew master to observe the percolation and regulate how strong the brew is
  • coffee pot comes with an aluminum coffee basket

Technical specs

Best Use
Camping/In your yard during Corona
Liquid Capacity (L)
1.18 liters
Liquid Capacity (fl. oz.)
40 fluid ounces
7.4 x 5.75 inches
Cookware Material
Enamel-coated steel
1 lb. 5 oz.