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"Ace the Bison" Children's Book

"Ace the Bison" Children's Book

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This book was written by our founder, Bert Kuntz along with the author and artist of Roadie The Ranch Dog, Scott Haynes!  

This project is very near and dear to our Founder Bert’s heart and is already becoming much larger than just one book. In all that we do moving forward, we are focused on giving back. A portion of the proceeds from Ace The Bison will be directly donated to the 4-H organization and bison conservation. BeTheBison
P.S. “Maggie” Magpie featured on this post is one of the co-stars of the book. Magpies are one of the most intelligent animals in the world and one of the only species of birds that can recognize themselves in mirrors. In fact, they are one of the only non-mammalian species apart from ants and manta rays to have this ability. They also have the ability to recognize other animals and humans faces so don’t make them mad when you’re out hiking or working, they’ll never let ya forget it! The male magpies will also raise another male magpies offspring even knowing that the female may leave them once the offspring are raised. Magpies are incredible birds and Maggie is just one of the animals we’ll be highlighting with “Ace The Bison.” BeTheMagpie @acethebison

*** IF YOU WANT THE BOOK SIGNED*** by Bert - please put a comment or a note on your order - we will personalize it if you give us the name of the person you want it made out to and any special messages!  

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