"The 1776" Peacemaker Tee
  • "The 1776" Peacemaker Tee

"The 1776" Peacemaker Tee

$ 28.99

Let's be real for a minute… both America and it's greatest leader General George Washington were made out of two things: magic... and huge balls! So, when we decided to make a shirt to commemorate both America's Independence and our favorite Peacemaker Trading Co. holiday, the Fourth of July, we figured we'd follow suit and make it out of both of those things. Nothing says America better than George Washington saddled up on a Peacemaker buffalo!

The "1776" Tee is a super soft, heather blue, 50% Polyester / 50% Combed-Cotton shirt that is made and printed in, you guessed it, America.   

CAUTION: The "1776" Tee might make you party harder than you've ever partied on the Fourth of July. It may also make total strangers hug you or high-five you. In rare cases it may make you stop paying your taxes, dump your current government administration's Kool-aid in the Boston harbor, and give you the illusion that you're America's next Five-Star General.

*We are not responsible for the awesomeness this shirt may cause, but we will take credit for it.*  


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