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16 oz. Handmade Freedom Mug

16 oz. Handmade Freedom Mug

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Our custom, handmade Bison Union mugs are individually handcrafted in the small Wyoming mountain town of Story, Wyoming. 

This one is special, it’s tri-colored Red White & Blue with a hand painted Bison Union American Flag. This mug is extremely difficult to make and takes several extra steps to hand dip and paint the Red White & Blue stripes that circle this completely handmade mug. 

They are American Made as it gets. Each mug takes around an 3-4 hours to make from start to finish with a hand painted flag. Each mug has it's own characteristics and no two are the same.

Each unique 16oz. stoneware mug is 100% American made, hand spun and hand glazed. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

At Bison Union, we firmly believe coffee is one of the best ingredients for hard work each day… so stop talking, drink up, and work hard.