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Canned Cold Brew Coffee 12-Pack

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Introducing Black Bison & Nitro Black, our all-new line of Ready To Drink (RTD) canned Cold-Brew Coffees. These first two flavors are made with 100% Brazilian coffee, with 200mg of caffeine per can. 

We use high-quality specialty grade Brazilian coffee beans that are roasted by Bison Union on Main Street, Sheridan, the shadows of the Bighorn Mountains. 

Currently available in two flavors: Nitro Black, which 100% pure Brazilian coffee with no added ingredients and Black Bison, which is 100% pure Brazilian coffee with 10 grams of non-GMO pure cane sugar. 

You can also find our Bison Union Ready To Drink Coffees in our store in Sheridan, Wyoming. 

These RTD canned coffees are meant to be drank on ice or as cold as possible. Shake the can well before opening to really engage that Nitro process and create a nice rich foam on top as you pour your coffee and then.....enjoy!