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"Shut the Fork Up!" T-Shirt

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The "Shut The Fork Up or STFU" tee is a celebration of eating great American food like Biscuits & Gravy, Chicken Friend Steak, Bacon, Big Fat Ribeye Steaks, fully loaded Cheeseburgers with Fries and Tots, Ice Cream, Kale and Wheatgrass.....just kidding, no Kale and Wheatgrass here.  

If you wear this to eat a great American meal, PLEASE eat good old fashion food that makes ya feel good! 

The "STFU" T-shirt is 3.6 oz. Ultra Jersey (not Ultra New Jersey) 65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend, side-seamed, taped neck and shoulders with double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Super duper soft comfortable and form fitting.

This t-shirt can handle at least twice the amount of washings before shrinking or fading that a comparable 100% cotton t-shirt can.  That doesn't mean you can wear it twice is long without washing it….don't be a dirtbag.

P.S. Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Diet!