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Beard T-Shirt

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The "Beard" has become synonymous with manliness and masculinity and rightfully so as it's symbolic of the Wild West American frontier days when American men and women headed west into the vast wilderness and untamed American plains and didn't shave anything let alone their facial hair.....BUT everyone knows that guy that grows a huge beard and acts tough but can't change a tire, grill a steak, make good coffee, build a fire, break down and clean one of their many fancy firearms and couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper sack.  This shirt celebrates all of the above and more.  

The "Beard" T-shirt is 3.6 oz. Ultra Jersey (not Ultra New Jersey) 65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend, side-seamed, taped neck and shoulders with double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Super duper soft comfortable and form fitting. This t-shirt can handle at least twice the amount of washings before shrinking or fading that a comparable 100% cotton t-shirt can.  That doesn't mean you can wear it twice is long without washing it….don't be a dirtbag.

P.S. If this shirt offends you then read everything above after the capitalized word BUT.