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Deadhang Tee

Deadhang Tee

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This newest edition to Peacemaker Trading Co., the "DEADHANG" Tee. This t-shirt is a tribute to our love for great American music as well as another good standard military exercise that has more recently been watered down by dreaded gym hipsters…..the deadhang pull-up.

Kipping (ka-ip-ing): A form of cheating while doing real pull-ups, whereby an individual (typically the gym version of a hipster) struggles to do a real deadhang pull-up abruptly jerks their knees upward to provide extra lift and remove the weight of said body parts from the actual lift equation. A move, that in the U.S. military, will only get you extra pull-ups later or get you sent home from special operations schools for failing to meet the standard. Don't kip life…...and don't kip your pull-ups, deadhang 'em!

"If you get confused, listen to the music play….no kipping."

The "DEADHANG" is a lapis blue super soft poly-cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Combed-Cotton) shirt, made and printed guessed it, America! This shirt won't help you actually complete deadhang pull-ups, but it will make you look way cooler while doing them.

CAUTION: Once again, this is not your hippie ass parent's Grateful Dead shirt….this is about America, great American music, doing real pull-ups, and being stronger today than you were yesterday! We reserve the right to confiscate this shirt if you are caught doing kipping pull-ups in it (not really, but don't make it weird).