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The Helper Tee

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This shirt says it all. The person wearing the shirt says it all. Helper. One word, one meaning with so many different examples.  A lot of our products at Bison Union represent the same message, but this shirt represents it in the literal sense. 

This shirt is a collaboration with a few small businesses out of Sheridan, WY. The shirt will be posted on their respective sites and the proceeds will go to helping those in need – whether as a result from the current pandemic or it’s for another great cause. 

Right now, at this moment, there are people in this nation in great need of help. Whether it’s our blue-collar workers that have been temporarily laid off or business owners that have had their doors shut down due to the pandemic. We have single moms that have been struggling with kids out of school for a couple weeks and their job has been at risk as they find a means to an end. This doesn’t just mean humans, the number of abandoned dogs and cats, etc. have had a tremendous increase over the last few weeks along with crime in areas where crime is typically rare. 

Everyone handles stress, priorities in different ways, but at the end of the day we need to stand strong and stand together. This isn’t a fight against another human or country or an animal. This is a fight to show that we can come together that we can handle the chaos, we can spread positivity no matter what comes our way. 

This message says, “I may not be the richest person in the world with money, but I am rich with positivity. I am a helper and even if it’s the last shirt I own, I’ll cut it in half if it helps someone else or spreads the message of positivity.”

The world needs help - the world needs helpers.

Be someone in this time you’ll look back at, and be proud of, when it’s over.

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