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"Number 26" Roosevelt Short Sleeve Tee

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The "Number 26" tee is another Bison Union t-shirt celebrating what we think is the greatest president in the history of America...Theodore Roosevelt. The front has our trademarked slogan..."What Would Teddy Roosevelt Do?" cause if you find yourself in a jam, fight, ordering coffee or a meal while wearing this shirt....just asked yourself that question and do exactly what you think Theodore Roosevelt would do!!! 

The"Number 26" T-shirt is a super soft, heather charcoal, ultra jersey (65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend) 

CAUTION: This shirt may give you a false sense of security and may give you the urge to wrestle bears, ride a buffalo or a moose, catch rattlesnakes with your bare hands, run head on into gun fights…..we do not recommend any of these activities unless you are a trained professional.