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The "Don't Stop!" Ladie's tank top

The "Don't Stop!" Ladie's tank top

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The Peacemaker Trading Co. now has it's first tank top!  "THE RUNNERtank doesn't need an explanation…..the greatest runner in the history of the greatest country on the planet.  Don't stop….doing anything... running, lifting, pushing yourself always!!!  And "DON'T LET FATIGUE MAKE A COWARD OF YOU."  

If you don't know who's face is on the front…..that's okay, find out who he is, read all about him and absorb that motivation into this tank!!!  

"The Runner" tank top is PRINTED IN TEXAS.  It is an Athletic Grey Tri-Blend (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon) construction.  

WARNING: This shirt WILL make you run faster, lift heavier, and go all out in everything you do... because let's face it.. that's how us women roll!!!!   Suicide pace….you'll pass out before you die!!!