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"The Squat" Peacemaker T-Shirt

"The Squat" Peacemaker T-Shirt

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At Peacemaker Trading we LOVE big muscular butts, and we LOVE big muscular legs, and we LOVE big muscular squats!!!  We love them so much that we decided to make a t-shirt just for big squats.   

Our Peacemaker Trading "The Squat" t-shirt is based on the principle that every day is leg day and on those leg days, the squat is the "KING OF LIFTS!"  We made "The Squat" t-shirt to remind you on your journey for peace through strength that sometimes you gotta lift heavy to protect what you love… this case, your body!!!      

"The Squat" t-shirt is a Heather Red Poly-Cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Combed-Cotton) shirt.  Made and printed in America. 

"The Squat" t-shirt is a special edition shirt and will only be available for a limited time.

ATTENTION: We reserve the right to confiscate your squat t-shirt if you do any of the following while wearing it: fail to squat below parallel, do heavy squats on a smith machine, round your back while squatting, lift your heels while squatting, or use a squat pad on the barbell.  Make sure you lift responsibly and have a spotter when lifting heavy.  Peace Through Squats…..heavy squats!