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Texas as Folk Sticker

Texas as Folk Sticker

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What the Folk?!

Folk is a term commonly used to informally describe people and in Texas’s case, it's used to bring to life a culture, a community and essentially a state that could be its own country!  

Texas folk are nice until it’s time to not be nice, you wave and say hi to them and they’ll wave and say hi back. You strike up a good conversation and you’ll get an even better one back. You mess with them and got BIG problems!  

That tan line that ends just under the tip of the cowboy hat. Receiving directions for a drive measured in hours vs. miles - to also include: barn, dirt lane, gravel road, pavement end, oak tree and ranch.  We're proud, we're Texas and we're a special kind of FOLK and we're celebrating it with this shirt. From the Alamo to the panhandle, from the piney woods of East Texas to the mountains and canyons of Big Bend out west....we’re Texas As Folk!

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Bison Union stickers are full color designs using a white polypro and UV lamination process. This technical jargon means that we've added protection, outdoor durability and scuff resistance so you can use these indoors or out!

Stick away!

5" x 4.6"

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