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"The Texas" Peacemaker T-Shirt

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The Peacemaker Trading Co. Team has been workin hard on designing and printing our Peacemaker State T-Shirts Series.  Of course you knew we were gonna start with the greatest state in the Union...TEXAS!!!

I could list a thousand reasons why Texas is the greatest state in the Union….Nolan Ryan, Chuck Norris, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Earl Campbell, no state income tax, Blue Bell ice cream, guns…..lots and lots of guns.  

The most popular poker game in the world isn't called New York or California Hold 'Em.  Chili…real chili, with no beans and not made with chicken or any other Yankee bullshit!!!  Oh and guns…lots and lots of guns.  That's worth mentioning twice cause when the Russians and Chinese invade, 45 of the 50 other states are gonna head for Texas, which is fine…..come on down ya'll, just mind your manners and don't get in our way while we're fighting for America's freedom.  We love a good fight so "PLEASE MESS WITH TEXAS…PLEASE!"  If you do, we'll either kick your ass or we'll secede and then we'll kick your ass.  

"The Texas" shirt is MADE IN AMERICA AND PRINTED IN TEXAS….shit dang ya'll.  It is an athletic Grey Tri-Blend (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon) construction.  

 WARNING: DO NOT purchase or wear this shirt if you are not from Texas or have never lived there.  If you do, you may just get your ass kicked.  

Right Sleeve: Reverse American flag with "GRATEFUL"

Left Sleeve: Peacemaker Buffalo