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Veteran POTUS Tee

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We've got a lot of favorite Presidents of these here United States and have seemed to notice that most of them also served in the U.S. Military (or all of them). BUT before any of you non-veterans get your delicate sensibilities hurt, realize that we respect the office of the POTUS more than the man or woman that holds that office.  America is great, it's always been great, and it will always be great! Vote and Vote often...this is your country and your tax dollars, make it count!!

The Veteran POTUS or Make The President A Veteran Again tee comes in military green or heather burgundy.

This shirt is a super soft ultra jersey tee (65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend). Comfortable, yet form-fitting, this shirt can handle at least twice the amount of washings before shrinking or fading that a comparable 100% cotton tee can.

CAUTION: This shirt may give you a false sense of security and may give you the urge to wrestle bears, ride a buffalo or a moose, catch rattlesnakes with your bare hands, run head on into gun fights…..we do not recommend any of these activities unless you are a trained professional. We do on the other hand encourage VOTE, this is your country and your vote and tax dollars matter!!!




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