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Campfire Coffee

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Classic dark roast Columbian coffee with dark chocolate notes, a hint of caramel, and nutty under tones.

Coffee and campfires have been and American tradition since coffee arrived in America in the 1600's. From the early pioneers, to the cowboys of the West, to campers, hikers, hunters in the backcountry wilderness or just family and friends enjoying time together around an open flame...Coffee and campfires go hand in hand. 

Whether you're sitting around a campfire or you're in your kitchen daydreaming about your next outdoor adventure, Campfire Coffee was made to enjoy while celebrating the great outdoors and the nostalgia and warmth of an open fire. 

Campfire Coffee is a classic dark roast and is small batch roasted on Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming in the shadows of the Bighorn Mountains. 

We are so excited about this new roast that we couldn't decide on one bag so we have two kickass bags to choose from. There's the classic Campfire Coffee with a realistic picture that makes you feel like you're sitting around the fire enjoying the stars. Or we have the retro bag that's simple and to the point. Either way you get the same great coffee so try one or collect them both!