Our Story

Bert & Candace Kuntz of Bison Union

Our story is two part….one part Beauty and the Beast and one part War and Peace.  Candace and I met in 1992 as sophomores in high school when we lived in the Kansas City area, GO ROYALS and CHIEFS!  I was following the Grateful Dead on weekends and trying not to get kicked out of another school. Candace was playing soccer and trying not to get kicked out of class for making people laugh.  After high school, we both went our separate ways and life happened.  

Seventeen years later through pure fate, we found each other again.  Candace was an IT Director at a large private university in Texas and I was in a U.S. Special Forces Counter-Terror Unit in Japan…still listening to the Grateful Dead.  We're now married with four amazing dogs that run our lives and now run Bison Union.  Adelaide, Matilda, Koolah, and Brumby rescued us over the last four years and everyday is another chance to be the people they think we are.  We live in the great state of Texas, but I've traded my cool-guy guns and Green Beret for part-time work as a ranch hand on a cattle ranch…and some part-time other things here and there.  

We started Bison Union because we firmly believe that there isn't much better in this world than a favorite t-shirt.  T-shirts aren't all we are gonna do, but it's our main focus for now and if you think about it….what's a day without wearing the perfect T?  

We're gonna make some serious t-shirts and some not so serious t-shirts and we may even offend a few people along the way.  We're not perfect, but if all goes well we're hopefully gonna make a lot of people smile and help some great charities out while doing it.

-Bert & Candace






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