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New Releases

The Thunder Buffalo Two

Regular price

We periodically update our more poplar designs to keep things fresh. We will also conti...

Rustic Mountain Tee

Regular price

This classic style Bison Union “Rustic Mountain” tee is a throwback to the 70’s and 80’...

Bison Union Old School T-shirt

From $ 25.99 Regular price

We’re kickin’ it old school Bison Union with this one. Timeless Bison Union Pine Tree l...

Major League Bison Tee

From $ 27.99 Regular price

Nothing more American than sitting at a major league baseball game with a cool refreshi...

Rodeo Tee

Regular price

Our Bison Union Rodeo Tee celebrates all things rodeo. We love a good rodeo and are for...

Bolt Tee

From $ 27.99 Regular price

 We love America, Bison, and Thunder & Lightning!!! Our new "Bolt" Tee may be new B...

Gravel T-Shirt - Unisex

From $ 28.50 Regular price

The team here at Bison Union prefers a lifestyle that's off the beaten path and away fr...

Steamboat Tee

From $ 28.50 Regular price

There’s nothing better in this world than Cowboys and American history and Bison Union ...

Camping On The Tetons Lightweight Hoodie

From $ 32.99 Regular price

Literally on the Tetons.. There’s nothing we like better than being outdoors in or near...

Buffalo Fly Striped Tee

From $ 27.99 Regular price

The Buffalo Fly shirt....cause we’d rather be on the river!  This shirt is a super soft...

Headdress T-Shirt

From $ 28.99 Regular price

Our tribute to the original unconventional warriors....peace through strength!


From $ 22.99 Regular price

This shirt speaks for itself. Eat whatever you want and be happy!!! Nobody Cares About...