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Lever Action Coffee 12oz Bag

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Our light-medium Brazilian roast with smooth and chocolaty notes, cocoa & vanilla aroma, and balanced acidity.

A good cup or four of coffee is just like a lever action rifle....a handy tool. The coffee is a tool for hard working folks to get their day started and keep it going. 

The lever action rifle is a tool for both survival and protection and has been since it helped build North America and shape life on the range and in the high country of the Wild West. 

Lever Action Coffee was created and roasted by our team right here on main street in Sheridan, Wyoming, America under the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains. 

Lever Action is a LIGHT MEDIUM ROAST and it’s beans are grown in the lower altitudes which gives it a lower acidity. Because of all of this, the Lever Action beans are sweet, round and have smooth and chocolaty notes with a balanced acidity, and cocoa & vanilla aroma. This Brazil coffee is unmatched for its full bodied, nutty & chocolaty flavor profile.