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The Deadlift Tee

Regular price $ 28.99

Here at Bison Union Co. we like the saying "It's better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in the war." We also live by the philosophy: "Train for war and fight for peace." With that in mind, we've created a special limited edition "Deadlift" Tee that combines some good ole American peace, love, and rock & roll… with lifting some heavy ass sh*t!  

This bad boy is a super soft poly-cotton (50% Polyester / 50% Combed-Cotton) shirt, made and printed in... you guessed it, America.  This shirt won't actually help your deadlift form, but it'll feel that much sweeter knowing you look great while you're slinging some heavy weight & pulling some bad ass PR's.

CAUTION: this is not your hippie ass parent's Grateful Dead shirt….this is about America, great American music, and big sexy deadlifts!