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Thunder Buffalo Tee

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The Thunder Buffalo Tee was created by our founder and the quote on the back holds a lot of sentimental value. Our Founder Bert's father, Terry Kuntz, (TK) passed away in 2018 and anytime Bert complained as both a child or an adult TK would tell him this, "America, where you always have the right to work harder." That statement had a huge impact on Bert's life and is one of the main reasons he decided to join the Army and ultimately Special Forces. That motto has stuck with him to this day and can be heard several times a day around BU headquarters. harder!  

The sizing is spot on standard sizing.  

The Thunder Buffalo Tee is a super soft, ultra jersey (65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend) Tee which comes in Heather Royal Blue & Heather Graphite.