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Ace The Bison "Be The Bison" Children's Book One

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This book was written by our founder, Bert Kuntz along with the author and artist of Roadie The Ranch Dog, Scott Haynes!  

This project is very near and dear to our Founder Bert's and Artist & Illustrator Scott's hearts, and is already becoming much larger than just one book. In all that we do moving forward, we are focused on giving back. A portion of the proceeds from Ace The Bison will be directly donated to the 4-H organization and bison conservation. 

Book One is a story about America's greatest animal, the North American Buffalo, or Bison. It's told through the eyes of a young buffalo named Ace, and his wildlife buddies as they navigate the mountains and plains of the Wild West. From coyotes to blizzards and everything in between, Ace and his friends learn from their wilderness companions and the natural surroundings to discover the nature of the bison. 

Bert Kuntz is a former Special Operations Combat Veteran and Founder of Bison Union Company in Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Scott Haynes is an Author/Illustrator raised on the Montana Hi-Line.

Follow Ace and his buddies on Instagram at @acethebison

*** IF YOU WANT THE BOOK SIGNED*** by Bert - please put a comment or a note on your order - we will personalize it if you give us the name of the person you want it made out to and any special messages!