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Smokehammer Coffee Rounds Autoship

Smokehammer Coffee Rounds Autoship

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What's a "Smokehammer"....A Smokehammer can be anything and everything that has some beauty to it BUT also works damn hard to get the job done.  It could be your favorite coffee, rifle, pistol, truck, horse, dog, whiskey, beer, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband!

The "Smokehammer" Blend Coffee is a high-caffeine Arabica and Robusta medium/dark roast for people who work for a living, love America, love a good fight, walk the earth with a dog by their side and a gun on their hip, enjoy the outdoors more than the indoors, enjoy freedom more than being comfortable, drive trucks, eat meat, punch cows, push plows, worship biscuits & gravy, turn wrenches, build fences, and wear boots not suits......The Workingman's Coffee!!!  

The Smokehammer blend is also a natural alternative to all the junk pre-work or pre-workout supplements everyone is hawking these days so leave the powdered deer antler and horny goat weed at home and brew up some Smokehammer blend.