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Number 26 Coffee 12oz. Bag

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Our love for President Theodore Roosevelt is almost as big as his love for coffee!

WWTRD®️ What Would Teddy Roosevelt Drink

It’s rumored that President Roosevelt or “Number 26” drank 40 cups of coffee a day and it started at his breakfast table, which would often contain gallons of his favorite coffee. 

We’ve worked for over a year to find the perfect blend to honor Number 26 and we think we have. 

“Number 26” coffee is a dark Columbian roast that we created and roast on Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming, America and serve daily in our coffee shops. This full-bodied blend has dark chocolate, citrus and roasted nut flavors that are perfect for drip, pour over, and traditional espresso. 

So grab a bag and channel your inner Theodore Roosevelt!