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Reel Coffee 12oz Bag

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Fly fishing and coffee go together like a rod and a reel or like Bison Union and the Fly Shop of the Bighorns on Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Without a full-bodied cup of joe, your knots will fail. Countless fish will be lost. Hook-sets will be late. Your line will get tangled and attempts at untangling will make it worse. You'll hook your fishing partners in the ear. The rocks will be slippery and you'll inadvertently swim. Thunder clouds will gather and your flies won't work. All because you didn't properly prepare. 

Reel Coffee is a Bison Union specialty dark roast Brazilian coffee collaboration between Bison Union & The Fly Shop of the Bighorns. It’s a smooth low acid dark roast with chocolate undertones. 

So, grab a bag of Reel Coffee, brew it bold, and get out on the water.