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Ace the Bison "Wildfire" Children's Book Two

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The second installment in our Ace The Bison Book Series, written by our Bison Union Founder Bert Kuntz and author & artist Scott Haynes, who is well known for his Roadie The Ranch Dog books!  

This project like the first Ace The Bison Book, Be The Bison is very near and dear to our Founder Bert’s heart. In all that we do at Bison Union, we are focused on giving back. A portion of the proceeds from the Ace Wildfire book will be directly donated to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is support of everything Wildland Firefighters and their families do for America and abroad. 

Book Two follows Ace and his buddies as they encounter a wildfire in their area along the way getting help and helping others to safety. 

Wildland Firefighters represent the diversity of the land they protect. They are Federal, State, and local Firefighters, Private Sector Firefighters, Interface Firefighters, and volunteers from rural communities and towns across the United States. They're ordinary people doing an extraordinary job, a community of committed individuals who work and train to protect our private and public lands and property. 

Bert Kuntz is the Bison Union Founder and a former Special Operations Combat Veteran from Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Scott Haynes is an Author/Illustrator from Wyoming and raised on the Montana Hi-Line. 


Be Like Ace, Be The Bison....

*** IF YOU WANT THE BOOK SIGNED*** by Bert - please put a comment or a note on your order - we will personalize it if you give us the name of the person you want it made out to and any special messages!