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Paw Sticker

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The Bison Union Co. Team have been pretty fortunate to travel the world; sometimes for work, sometimes for play. In those travels, we learned a few things about other countries, cultures, and people. One of the more important lessons we've learned is the greatest countries in the world have two things in common… they have moon rocks that have been loaned to them by the United States of America AND they treat dogs with kindness and compassion. We're not scientists, but we're pretty sure both of these facts are backed by science, connected, and can be proven.

On a serious note, the Bison Union Team has a 4:2 dog to human ratio and we firmly believe that dogs are the only creatures on earth that will love you more than they love themselves. We were lucky enough to be rescued by our dogs over the last several years and figured the least we could do is recognize them with a sticker dedicated to them.